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One of the reasons we are the best place to sell your car

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One of the reasons we are the best place to sell your car to is because of the ease in which you are receiving the service. Instead of trying to advertise your vehicle by putting ads in the paper and online and then meeting potential buyers who end up flaking on you, call today TopCashForCarsNJ and we will give you a fair quote. Not only that, we will also come to you to transport your car at no extra fees!


best place to sell your car

Our process is really easy and fast, where you can sell your car in 20 minutes. Just give us a call today and we will come to you at your convenient. This is our business and we know how to save you more money by paying you the top cash for your car.


Visit to fill our online application, or call us today at our toll free number (800)-989-2840


Tax refund season and selling your car

Category : Cash For Cars

Are you looking to sell your car and use your tax refund to get a new car?

Selling your car during the tax season, many people start looking to sell their old cars in order to get a newer car taking advantage from the tax season where they can use the tax refund money and investing in a new car. A recent survey shows that a third of all Americans spend their fund on an auto-related purchase.

What is the TopCashForCarsNJ role?

Well, TopCashForCarsNJ is here to help you getting the top pay for your current car if you think just to sell it and utilize your refund to buy a newer car. We have been serving New Jersey state, New York state, and eastern Pennsylvania for more than 20 years.

Selling Your Car in NJ

TopCashForCarsNJ gives a fair estimation on your car, pay you same day in cash and help you to get ready for your next car. We have a quick online service application that gives you a valuation for your car same day. Once you accept our offer, we will come to you, pay you in cash with a total time of 15 minutes process time.